Pierce Brendan Brosnan

Pierce Brendan Brosnan

lunes, 22 de agosto de 2011

A HAPPY MARRIAGE ( from enfemenino.com)

e-Smith no han hecho mella en su amor y los dos siguen compartiendo mommentos románticos.  Brosnan "soy muy romántico.  me gusta llevarle a Keely el desayuno a la cama.  Keely Shaye-Smith and Pierce Brosnan

For a marriage to work must be looked after every day. Surprise your partner with trips abroad or nice places in a very good idea. But if you do not you can afford it can adopt the philosophy of Pierce Brosnan. 007 The former agent has entrusted the success of her marriage to detail and his garden.

The ten years of marriage between Brosnan and Keely Shaye-Smith have not made ​​a dent in his love and the two continue to share romantic moments. Brosnan: "I am very romantic. Keely I like to take breakfast in bed. Also, whenever I put a flower in our garden in the tray. It did when we started our relationship and after ten years together I still do. "The couple is celebrating its tenth anniversary in August 2011. Conclusion: do not underestimate the power of flowers.

Para que un matrimonio funcione hay que cuidarlo día a día.  Sorprender a tu pareja con escapadas al extranjero o a lugares bonitos es una

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